CxC Smart Asset
Tracker (5G)

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The Convergia CXC Smart Asset Tracker is a small battery powered Cat-M1, NB-IoT device with GPS, ideally used to locate equipment and assets wherever they may be.


The CxC Asset Tracker can be used to locate assets such as, but not limited to; municipal garbage bins, flatbeds, trailers, generators, temperature monitoring within a shipping box, etc.


All managed in an included CxC Smart Ag web platform, brand and modify as you need


  •  3,400 location updates on a full charge with easy 3.6V battery replacement
    • Solar powered option available
  • Features on-board sensors to measure; Light level (container open alert), Air Pressure, Humidity, Temperature, Accelerometer (shock and motion detection)
  •  IP67 rated for dust / water enclosure
  •  CxC SIM connectivity with global coverage
  • 24/7 Full Service Management and Monitoring 
  • Installation not included, optional service


We understand how important it is to build your brand. Therefore, our custom branding services are designed not only to help improve the out-of-box experience you offer your customers, but also enable you to personalize the hardware you source from us with the addition of your brand colors, logos, serial numbers, barcodes, product names, custom inserts, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information and we would be glad to help. 

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