SenseCAP S2103- LoRaWAN
CO2, Temp, and Humidity Sensor

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SenseCAP S2103- LoRaWAN CO2, Temperature, and Humidity Sensors satisfy industrial long-distance data acquisition with a wide range of 400 to 10000 ppm, -40°C to 85°C and 0 to 100% RH respectively. With Bluetooth 5.0 for easy configuration and firmware upgrade and a built-in replaceable battery for minimal maintenance, it also supports three different LoRaWAN network architectures enabling you to easily join it in existing gateways and network servers to build flexible and high-performance sensor network. 



  • Wide measuring range: with a measuring range of 400-10000 ppm, the accuracy of  400 to 5000 ppm: ±(30+3%MV), and resolution of 1 ppm.

  • LoRaWAN Wireless Transmission: ultra-low power consumption and ultra-wide-distance transmission range. It has Max.10 years of battery life and can cover a transmission range of 2km in urban scenes and 10km in line of sight scenes

  • Industrial design: -40 ~ 85℃ operating temperature and IP66 rating, suitable for indoor, outdoor, and harsh environments such as high UV exposure, heavy rain, dusty conditions, etc. 

  • Over the Air Configuration in 1 min: scan the QR code on device and just in a few clicks to choose the frequencies you want, all the configuration can be done via Bluetooth  

  • Easily get data, no clunky software interfaces: temperature and humidity data can smoothly be sent to your phone and cloud servers or other IoT data management platforms you’re using, 

  • Powerful supported SenseCAP APP: you can set threshold value (just focus on the data you need take action for), time intervals (improve the battery efficiency), and set alarms if data is out of the safe range.

  • Flexibly compatible with various LoRaWAN gateways: can be used with different types of LoRaWAN gateways and compatible with multiple LoRaWAN Network Servers (Helium, TTN) to enable our sensor quickly join in your current LoRaWAN networks 






400 to 10000 ppm


400 to 5000 ppm: ±(30+3%MV)


1 ppm

Air Temperature


-40 to +85 °C


±0.2 °C


0.01 °C

Long-term Drift

<0.03 °C/year

Air Humidity


0 to 100 %RH


±1.8 %RH


0.01 %RH

Long-term Drift

<0.25 %RH/year

General Parameters

Product Model




Support Protocol

LoRaWAN v1.0.3 Class A

Built-in Bluetooth

App Tool to change parameters

LoRa Channel Plan

IN865/EU868/US915/AU915/AS923/KR920/RU864 *

Max Transmitted Power Sensitivity



-136dBm@SF12 BW=125KHz

Communication Distance

2 to10km (depending on gateway antenna and environments)

IP Rating


Operating Temperature

0 to +50 °C ( Effective measurement range of CO2)

-40 to +85 °C (CO2 module not included)

Operating Humidity

0 to 90 %RH (non-condensing)

Device Weight



CE / FCC / RoHS(Testing certification in progress)

Battery (Contained in equipment)

Battery Life

Up to 10 years**

Battery Capacity

19Ah (non-rechargeable)

Battery Type

Standard D-size SOCl2 Battery

* Every single device can support 7 frequency plans.


**  This wireless LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity sensor supports up to 10 years of battery life, but the actual batter life varies from data upload interval, data payload and distance between gateways. If you want to optimize the LoRa battery life, you can choose to send smaller amount of data, send messages less frequently, keep LoRa spreading factor as low as possible. 



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